THE CHANGE is the new game that young people from 4 different countries are creating in the framework of the YIITEG Erasmus+ project.

The current economic system has a structural negative impact on the quality of life of millions of people. Playing THE CHANGE, you can understand these adverse effects and how they can be counteracted by developing initiatives, projects and promoting values of the Transformative Economies.

The game wants to raise awareness but also to invite Young people to action. Local groups are now in the testing pase: mechanics and dynamics of the game need to be improved in order to have THE CHANGE ready in next months.

At International level, young people from the different local groups met this month in a webinar to share the feedback on the game testing. Consortium partners will meet in April in Saint Etienne for the project intermediate meeting, where a space will be dedicated to play with an updated version of the game prototype.

More news will come soon.

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