Welcome Dalila! New ESC volunteer in Nexes


My name is Dalila and I’m Portuguese. I’m going to work as a volunteer at the Nexes association, in Barcelona, during the next 10 months and I’m really happy about it! 🙂 Do you want to know more? Find out a little about me and my motivations bellow:

Why do an ESC project?

For me, being part of an european solidarity project is an opportunity to develop my personal and professional skills and, at the same time, to help a community. With this kind of experience I can meet new people and learn new ways of thinking, new languages and cultures, new places, and different ways to be more socially active. Having this experience allows me to embrace the ideals that I defend for the european region: sharing and caring for each other.

As Simone Veil pointed: “Europe’s destiny and the future of the free world are entirely in our hand.” (1982).

Why Nexes?

I chose Nexes because it is very dynamic. Nexes works with projects related to mobility, peace and intercultural learning, subjects that I want to explore. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work in the communication field and help in the different activities, whenever necessary.

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