Training for international youth volunteers

European Solidarity Corps

On-arrival training
for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is carried out after few weeks upon arrival of the volunteers so they can obtain more information about their project, share experiences and acquire new knowledge and competences necessary during their stay in another country.

The main objective of the on-arrival training is to introduce the participants to the host country, preparing them for the activity period and the European Solidarity Corps experience. On-arrival training helps the participants adapt to cultural and personal challenges. It allows participants to get to know each other and to build a network. Participants should also receive guidance on conflict prevention and crisis management.

At the same time, this training session equips the participants with communication skills, including aspects of intercultural learning. It helps them become aware that cultural differences require different models of behaviour. Participants in traineeships and jobs may receive information about adapting to a foreign working environment, rights and obligations, useful contacts to help with his/her settlement etc. The training is also a good time for the participants to plan the coming months and to develop their own personal goals for their activity period, in line with the non-formal learning philosophy of the European Solidarity Corps.