Description of the educational game

Manipulator is a game to reflect on one of the most sensitive issues currently: the proliferation of ‘fake news’, misinformation and media manipulation. Players will need to work together to find out what news are fake.

Each player or team will have a stereotypical family role: the retired grandfather who believes all the news he hears while shopping, the teenager always connected to social networks, the typical brother-in-law who spreads every news he receives through the thousand WhatsApp groups he joined … In this scenario, all family members will need to collaborate and share what they know to discover what news are fake. But attention! The bets will be blind bets! Therefore, each player can make the other family members believe that (s)he will vote for one thing and end up doing something else for his/her own interest. Will the family cooperate for the common good? Who will end up winning in this family mess?

The great versatility of this game allows the players to make several rounds (30 minutes per round) of news (fakes or not) of different topics: immigration, environment, gender… You can even play with news (true and fakes) of your centre/place!

Age recommended

15-years-old and above

Number of participants

5 to 25 players (divided in teams)

Game time

3 options:
> Workshop: Game play + Reflection (1h30)
> Training : Game play + Reflection + Conceptualization (2h30)
> Extensive training: Play + Reflection + Topic training (4h)

Target audience

> High schools and schools
> Esplais and Scout groups
> Associations
> Cooperatives and companies
> City halls / Town halls
> Civic centres
> Casals and ateneus

A person trained in the subject and experienced in facilitating the game will come to your center. In all cases we require the presence of a properly trained person to ensure the veracity of the contents and the quality of the educational experience.


> Reflect upon the proliferation of ‘fake news‘, disinformation and media manipulation.

> Learn what fake news are and how they affect the personal believes system.

> Define strategies to inform oneself with a higher degree of truthfulness.