Resisting the double pandemic: the Covid-19 and the State of Israel

This section is an initiative that was born with the intention of making visible forgotten realities in Palestine. A task especially necessary at a time when the media is more distracted than ever by the global epidemic and manipulations of power structures. With this purpose, week after week, you will find short stories that tell how Palestinians resist the double epidemic – the occupation of the Zionist State and the Coronavirus.

True stories that, despite not being written by Palestinians, have been based on their participation, collaboration, consensus, and in some cases, anonymity. Each of them reveals multiple realities, resilience, and oppression in Palestine. Reflecting subjectivity in their actions, experiences, reflections and existences. And secondly, showing a plurality that, despite being impossible to standardize, shares strength, dignity and the same enemy: the State of Israel – this time accompanied by COVID19-. From solidarity for Palestine, anti-normalization of the colonization of Israel, and respect and friendship for each of the protagonists.


Double hope from return dret to confinement

Young resilient in Area C