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Hi, how are you!

I’m Esthefany Karola, communicator by profession, dreamer by vocation, petlover by choice and traveler by passion. 

I would like to share how excited I am to be part of Nexes Interculturals, the adventure that being an ESC volunteer means to me and to find myself in Barcelona carrying out this enriching project. But, first, I will tell you a little bit about who I am. 

I consider myself a construction of small moments, which today I treasure as memories. As an example, I am Peruvian by birth but I also feel my identity in many cultures, which I have been getting to know through travels and keeping an open mind to other visions. I am also a passionate communicator, because as a child I discovered that I loved public speaking, the whole world that the media encompasses and how a successful message can influence the development of a culture of peace and respect. I am a dreamer, I find inspiration in dreams because I have noticed that many times they come true. 

I am excited to be an ESC volunteer at Nexes because I feel it is an opportunity to grow as a professional and as a person, I am fulfilling the dream of being a social message communicator while working in an intercultural environment. The magic that exists in this much more globalized and interconnected world is something that should be taken advantage of not only to discover new ways of interpreting life but to complement thoughts and generate a real change in society.

Being in Barcelona is also a dream come true, which in turn has helped me to create new dreams. Which, I hope, you can be part of. 

Join me in this adventure,

This is just the beginning!