Miquel Muñoz joins the team! Meet him!

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A new era starts for me! And as with every beginning, it deserves a proper presentation. My name is Miquel Muñoz and I am from Sabadell, although I spend most of my time in Barceolna. Actually, since I started my bachelor, many years ago already, I have been here around almost every day.

Going into my academic background, I studied Communication and Cultural Industries in the University of Barcelona. There, I discovered and learnt the different communication branches. Since then, I firmly know my future belongs to social communication. I wanted to be part of a project which aims for social changes, as Nexes Interculturals does. That is the reason why I decided to enrol to the MA in International Studies on Media Power and Difference. Beyond the cool name it has, in this master’s degree we studied the role of media and other power structures in the construction, representation and recognition of the difference and diversity through the groups deemed more vulnerable. My motivation for this master’s degree was to get a wider perspective about the challenges we face as a society, and we have a lot to work on.

During the last years I also could get experience on the different communication branches. On one hand, I was a Communication Technician in Trívium Gestió Cultural as well as I had the opportunity to learn about the NGO’s world. All this experience has always gone parallel with publishing as a photojournalist for different media outlets.

Moving to my leisure, you may find me playing chess with random people on the street, and this hobby is not related to Queen’s Gambit, I promise. Also, if I don’t answer the messages or the calls in two or three days it is because I am hiking around somewhere in the Pyrenees; opening up to you, I consider mountain my soul shelter. Last but not least, whatever I am doing or I am going, I always have my camera with me; photography is my biggest passion. So, taking advantage of this letter, I want to show you my website: www.miquelmm.com.

From now on, count on me for anything you need. And if someone wants to introduce him or herself as I’m doing now, it will be a pleasure!