Migrarratives: Transforming migratory narratives in the neighborhoods

“Migrarratives” aims to transform the migratory narratives of the People-Sec neighborhoods, Raval and Besòs and Maresme. The project increases the (re)knowledge of the right to shelter and to move and migrate, and vividly discriminatory attitudes to reverse them.
Nexes, in collaboration with SCI Catalunya and taking advantage of the content collected by the EntreTerres group, propose and accompany 35 youths from 2 public educational centres, the Institut Council de Cent and the Institut Barri Besòs, in an educational process of 1 year, where young people learn in:
  1.  to examine the global situation of migrations and movements from a gender and human rights perspective, understanding their causes and consequences; 
  2.  identify migration narratives locally existing in the People’s Sec neighborhoods, Raval and Besòs and Maresme;
  3.  act as agents of change, actively involving themselves in transforming the migratory narratives existing in the neighborhood itself among the citizens;
  4.  Intercomparing the migratory narratives of the two neighborhoods, realizing similarities, differences and how they have changed throughout the process of revising them in this project.
The central activity of the project is the creation of two Migrarrative Paths, in which young people will be the designers: they will select the neighborhood sites to include on each route and the stories they want to make known. In addition, it will be the same young people who will act as guides, acting as agents of social transformation. 
The Migrarrative Path of each neighborhood is related to spaces and places, facts and events, collectives and entities, and individual individuals relevant in migration key, to promote the transformation of migratory narratives between citizenship.

Institut Barri Besòs

Institut Consell de Cent