Let’s start telling new stories…


Imagine a group of 15 people … each one of them from a different country; Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Morocco, passing through Poland, Romania and Syria … Now imagine that these people come together under the same objective: to tell about their life stories in a different way than what we use to hear in the media, social networks, in books …

Maybe you’re thinking … What a challenge! Or are you wondering how all these people can communicate and understand each other being so different? You might even think that it is an impossible dream!

At Migrantour, we experience it, we even live it and make it come true! And we want to share with you the beginning of this journey and of our first encounters … and of many more to come!

In July the newly created group got together to get to know each other, share their stories and set future goals.

We had a first meeting the third week of July to get to know each other through games, spaghetti tower competitions and the creation of mini-theatre plays to solve unique situations (what happened when you were captured by aliens from an unknown planet). It was also a time to reflect at a personal level about the motivations and expectations regarding one’s involvement in Migrantour.

During the second meeting, the last week of July, we discussed issues directly related to Migrantour and the stories we want to tell: among human rights, migration, intersectionality, racism, we have been able to debate according to the history and perspective of everyone and enrich each other. .

After a vacation, we are back with two new meetings in September to reactivate the very high motivation that we left in July.
From there, we will start with the training of our future intercultural companions, the creation of the routes and a meeting in Utrecht for the European Migrantour team!

Throughout the month of September, we are going to receive 3 groups of young people from Italy to Barcelona. The young people will be doing a training internship between 4 weeks and 3 months in different companies in our city. From the Nexes team we are happy to be able to accompany them during the period of their stay. We will share with you their experience in Barcelona.

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