Hotspots – Connecting European Suburbs through Smart Youth Work kick off meeting in Rom

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At the end of April, partners from Barcelona (Nexes Interculturals), Romania (Universitur), France (Infinitivity design labs), Portugal (Agora Aveiro), and Italy (Lunaria) met together in Rome to start the Hotspots project.

HOTSPOTS is a Cooperation Partnership in the field of youth, that aims to develop non-formal education tools and methods, within a newly designed pedagogical approach, to enhance both online and offline, intercultural learning-ICL among young people coming from suburban backgrounds, and more specifically, in national and transnational Youth Participation Activities-
YPA, within the Erasmus+ program.

During the meeting the partners had the opportunity to reflect on multiple topics such as the objectives, actions, timeline and budget of the project; the different target groups, their challenges and a strategy to involve them; and more specifically start to prepare the first part of the project centred in a local research in each country.

It was two intensive and positive days of sharing expectations and putting in common our thoughts and what we as a partnership want to achieve at the end of the project.

From Nexes Interculturals we want to thank all the partners for their ideas and contributions and especially to Lunaria, who has received us in their home.