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GENERA” Training Course a Sant Llorenç del Munt and l’Obac.

The training course will offer participants a wide range of non-formal educational tools to encourage participatory learning to youth workers about the rural reality of young people (particularly young women) and the opportunities it offers. It will also encourage the meeting and networking between an international group of youth workers and experts on food sovereignty issues, specially regarding topics such as women and rural development in the fields of production, distribution, activism and academia.


new dates!  from 13th to 19th of December 2019.

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Participants from Barcelona or Catalonia!
*There is a fee to participate to the training course. 
Members of Nexes: 40€ (30€ as a travel budget- + 10€**)
No members of Nexes: 50€ (30€ as a travel budget + 5€- as a member of Nexes + 10€ **)


** Before and after training course, there are 2 sessions: one session for preparation and second sessions for evaluation. 


If you want to participate, please write us to: