8 of March: Women’s International Day


International woman’s day, in the last couple of years transformed into something way bigger than what it was, and how it initially started. Nowadays, it not only recognizes, woman’s rights and all the battles women had to fight during history to have the biggest participation possible in their social and political life but it also recognises the woman as self-owned identity and autonomy in creating an efficient sentiment of equality with men. Women are being put first while acknowledging their accomplishments as people without discrimination, stereotypes, and labels.

All these ideas were formed through feminism. The social and political movement defines the idea that no one can be eliminated of his rights and benefits due to their sex. For this reason, even though the feminist movement has as a principle gender equality at the same time, it fights against sexism and consequently the violence that women are still facing.

Currently, woman’s international day at its core is not only about women. It’s about all humans, alongside feminism and the #metoo movement. All these movements that are characterized as feminists, that emerged these past few years, have as their main principle human rights. They don’t try to place women in a spot superior to men, but rather create equality in everything. Moreover, it actively supports the LGTBI movement and fights to break the stereotypes and toxic masculinity.

It pleases me to see that the feminist movement is more alive than ever. What each of us can do about all these subjects that weigh us as societies is to listen, communicate with people about these subjects, know our self-worth but at the same time have the acknowledgement to say sorry when we do or say something inappropriate and in general, accept anyone that’s different from what we used to. Until we manage to rich the respect and the support that’s needed to create the equality we expect, woman’s international day will continue to be celebrated.  

(opinion article by Panayiota Christou, Esc Volunteer in Nexes)