Youth Roma Entrepreneur Training

YREED project

Description of the training

The training program is based on a combination of theoretical and practical exercises, attendance trainings and self-training. The trainings will be led by five trainers in English, to achieve the desired result the presence of several assistants is necessary. Part of the facilitators will be entrepreneurs that deliver also trainings, while the others should be non-formal education trainers capable to create an intercultural dialogue framework and abilities for cooperation and collaboration among the young participants. There will be 20 participants (5 young people from each participating organization) out of which minimum 15 Roma people.
They will come with examples from their own experience, related to specifics of the region and the Roma culture, to bring the ideas, methods and education tools into discussion, also they will be involved in the evaluation of the I.O 1 and I.O.2.

The duration of the training will be 8 days (including travel day) as the distribution of the activities is as follows:
First day: introduction into the project objectives, presentation of partners and presentations, expectations from the training.
Second day: attendance learning – self-awareness and self-reflection – who am I, what I am myself, what can I, my strengths and weaknesses, my hidden potentials, my dream job? Innovative educational methodology elaborated specially to be used with young people from disadvantaged groups such as NEETs, unemployed, minorities.
Third Day: attendance learning – Basic principles of entrepreneurship and lifestyle entrepreneurship, peculiarities and differences.
Fourth day: attendance-distance learning – ICT The module will: – help to understand the possibilities and effectiveness of introducing methods and tools based on Information and Communication Technologies.
Fifth day: attendance-distance learning – Developing learning abilities to use different marketing strategies

Target group

Young Enterpreneurs (with priority ROMA enterpreneurs)

Nº of participants

5 participants






We are aware of the instability of the situation all around Europe because of the Covid-19 and on the fact that it could potentially affect the decision to postpone the two training course dates. Still for the moment we prefer to follow a “step by step approach”: thus we are confirming the training dates as above and we will kindly ask you to respect the fixed deadlines to send us the application forms. Then if we will see that it’s better to postpone the training dates we will do it and promptly keep you updated.


* Travel, local transport, accommodation and subsistence costs are covered


Deadline for the inscription