The Project

The project “Development of a Supportive Framework for Young Roma People Entrepreneur” (Y-Support) is an international project developed by 5 partners: REDI (Romania), Nexes (Spain), IED (Greece), Romedia (Hungary) and Know and Can (Bulgaria), with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme

Y-Support aims to empower young Roma people through building up their entrepreneurial skills and competences and strengthening their capacity to cooperate towards achieving personal and professional results.


O1: Provide an innovative approach of entrepreneurship education of young people in general, and young Roma people in particular
O2: Create an entrepreneurship toolkit for young Roma entrepreneurs to empower them and increase their success chances;
O3: Raise the capacity of youth workers or trainers in entrepreneurship to deliver trainings adapted to the specific needs of young people through training module creation
O4: Provide new attractive entrepreneurship education materials for young people;
O5: Improve the entrepreneurial competences of 25 young people and offer to 15 of them the opportunity to present their business ideas in front of various stakeholders, potential investors and other Roma business environment representatives

Y-Support includes the production of three Intellectual Outputs

IO1. An entrepreneurship toolkit for young people with special focus on Roma people needs for developing their own businesses.
IO2. A training module to promote employment and entrepreneurship among young ROMA, especially focusing on Social and Solidarity Economy
IO3. A set of videos and tutorials on how to grow your business as a young person and especially as a young person from a disadvantaged community.

This project also contains a training activity that will take place in Romania in July 2021.

Project Audiobook