The World Social Forum on Transformative Economies is a process that will take place in two stages in 2020:

1. A Virtual Forum from 25 June to 1 July, it will be a world federated meeting in which different organizations, networks, movements and people involved in Transforming Economies will participate to make visible the different existing initiatives, to promote activities, as well as to open a public debate and confluence in order to advance towards a common Agenda (around 4 dimensions of systemic transformation: power, culture & knowledge, economies & finance; relations with nature & ecosystems).

2. A blended Forum at the end of October, in connection with the Solidarity
Economy Fair of Catalonia (FESC), in Barcelona.

The structure of the programme planned for June includes: self-managed activities, Dynamic Space FSMET Process (thematic and territorial Convergences), Assembly of Movements, Inter-initiative Space, presentation of the call for initiatives “We accept the challenge” in view of the October phase, presentation of the proposal for a common agenda/pact for the Transformation of Economies and some more “core” WSFTE-FSMET moments, each day at 15h.

Here the programme of the WSFTW-FSMET of June: