Welcoming a group of young people from France within the VET programme

vet 3-8

We have welcomed a group of 8 young people from France to carry out their Erasmus + internships!

For four weeks, each one has had the opportunity to work in different realities, according to their interests. Maeva, Shirine, Kaelian, Salomé, Kevin, Romain, Lana and Florence completed their internships in various companies (educational, cultural, sports, etc.). We made sure that they also had the chance to get more into Catalan culture: they admired the Castellers, visited Parc Güell and the Sagrada familia, and attended the Christmas light show at Hospital Sant Pau. It was great guiding them on their journey!

We wish you many more formative experiences, and we are pleased that Nexes has been part of your training abroad.

Special thanks to our colleagues Maison de l’Europe de Nîmes.

See you in Europe 😊