What is the VET program ?

VET mobility has a clear value in helping young people open up their minds, widen their social, professional and transversal skills,develop a taste for innovation and initiative and a sense of European citizenship. Long-term placements abroad have a higher added value for learners in terms of developing job specific skills and an even better acquaintance with the foreign language,culture and work environment,thus boosting their employability.

VET Vocational Education Training

How long is the VET ?

From 3-4 weeks.

What is the profile of the candidates ?

Students in vocational training schools and/or university

How do we manage VET project ?

The European programmes offer young people the opportunity to know other people and other cultures, to grow professionally, to establish interesting contacts and links at local and international level and to be more conscious of their own identity. Aiming at the professional and personal development of the participants, we also work to help them to feel European citizens. In this sense, we would like to stress the importance of the intercultural learning.

Therefore, even though the main aim of the VET projects is the work placement, Nexes offers othersaspects such as:
Local Workplacement
Tutoring and evaluation
Accommodation with local families or in hostels
Sociocultural Program
Language Course
Local Transport
Transfer from/to the airport

Work sectors we offer are:
– Cultural/Social
– Immigration/Youth
– Architecture
– Marketing
– Turism