E-volution; what is Europe?

People sharing their thoughts on what Europe means for them.


Flashmob organized to celebrate the day of Europe and the importance of youth mobility programs.

Euro-African EVS: crossing experiences and visions for social transformation

Experiences of African and European volunteers.

EU'GO: European Urban Gardens OTESHA

A proposal an exchange of ideas, methodologies and good practices to local urban gardens in several countries.

Arch of Peace

Hip-hop/video exchange with Uni’sons in Montpellier.

Glocal Voices

Meeting of the Globa-links network with interviews to several youth workers about the SENSE of social work and networking.

International mobility, experiences of young people

Experiences of young people who participated in international mobility projects.

Terra do Brasil

Experience of the young group of Catalan facilitators and the Brazilian MST, on biofuels.

Al Wallaja

Story of the family who had their house destroyed twice by the Israelis.