VET internship in Barcelona: Morten shares his experience

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Morten from Denmark did a three-week VET internship in Catnova, Barcelona. He shares his experience with us!

“To start with I was a bit sceptic, the place I lived in seemed kind of run down. But soon I learned that it´s just the way Barcelona is, it´s own way of being charming. The metro system was easy to learn, and I figured out quickly that it could take me anywhere I wanted and if that wasn’t enough rental bikes, scooters, etc. were everywhere.

The beach was beautiful, and the water was great, plus there were no sharp rocks to step on. My workplace was great, happy people everywhere. They made sure that I was able to do my work and came with quick alternatives if something didn’t work out.

All in all, a great experience, would definitely come again some time!”