Training Course in Lithuania

Lithuania 07

The GAME ON project aims to use “Game Design” as a tool or lever for social inclusion.

To deepen this objective, from June 10 to 16, about twenty participants from Lithuania (Nectarus), Sérbia (Bins), Italy (Nur) and Spain (Nexes Interculturals) met at the Daugirdiškės training center, a small population 1 hour from Vilnius (Lithuania).

Social workers, social educators, teachers and experts in training with games and in game design have talked about the experiences that each one has been carrying out in our countries (with diverse population groups). We have analyzed best practices and created new methodologies rooted on these shared ideas.

The training has ended, but the project continues and the participants remain in contact in search of opportunities to apply what we have learned.

From Nexes Interculturals we want to thank all the partners for their contributions and give an special recognition to Nectarus who has welcomed us into their home.