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What is the TLN Mobilicat?

The TLN Mobilicat is a project founded by European Social Found through Youth Guaratee program and promoted by Catalonia Employee Service. The main aim of program is to reduce the youth unemployment and the transition schoolwork of young people from Catalonia. The program offers: individual orientation, preparation training, linguistic training, tutoring during the internship abroad, training work at companies, and finally, labor orientation.

Who can participate ?

The requirements to participate are:
1- Young people between 18 and 30 years and resident in Catalunya.
2- To have finished professional training or degrees (and must prove it through official documentation); or to have ESO and to certify at least 200 hours of a professionalization training specialty (such as a certificate of professionalism or other means of training in a professional field).
3- To be registered and to be beneficiary of the Youth Guarantee’s system (not being studying or working).  Click here to sign up.
4- To be registered as a Non-Occupied Occupant Claimant (DONO).