What is the TLN Mobilicat?

The TLN Mobilicat is a project founded by European Social Found through Youth Guaratee program and promoted by Catalonia Employee Service. The main aim of program is to reduce the youth unemployment and the transition schoolwork of young people from Catalonia. The program offers: individual orientation, preparation training, linguistic training, tutoring during the internship abroad, training work at companies, and finally, labor orientation.

For any questions you can write to:

Who can participate ?

The requirements to participate are:
1- Young people between 18 and 29 years and resident in Catalunya.

2 – STUDIES: Accreditation through certification of studies:
a) At the very least, having completed compulsory secondary education (ESO)/ equivalent or Baccalaureate + proof of completion of a training specialty for employment, whether professional certificates or not, with a minimum duration of 200 hours.

b) To have completed compulsory secondary education or equivalent, and to certify: the completion of an intermediate or higher education cycle, and/or a university degree.

3 – WORK EXPERIENCE: Accredit through Work Life Report:
a) No previous work experience
b) With work experience no higher than 12 months.

4 – REGISTRATION to the Garantia Juvenil program (

5 – REGISTRATION as Unemployed Jobseekers (DONO) at the Employment Service of Catalonia. (