TheWorld Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE), that takes place in Barcelona between the 25th and the 28th of June is the process of convergence of different local and international movements from the alternative economy, which we call transformative economies.

The main objective of this process is to bring together social movements and projects which share the will to put people and the environment at the center of the economy, to put an end to an economy based on extraction, growth, competition and the market, and to struggle towards collaborative, resilient societies which develop and reinforce strategic alliances and actions through working together.

If you want to participate in the Forum, either individually or as an organization, you can register at:

The general contribution to the Forum is 40 euros and you will be able to participate in all the activities that take place during the 4 days of celebration. There is also the possibility of doing a smaller contribution depending on your particular situation and the country you come from.

In this sense, we invite all the participants to the WSFET to make an exercise of reflection, trust, responsibility and awareness of the privileges. We want to celebrate and thank the outcome that each one of us generates and enjoys. And we also want to be aware of the great diversity of situations and realities that exist around the economic question and other intersections such as gender, race, sexual identity, age, etc. The awareness of our privileges is an exciting and very necessary work, and the conscious economy of mutual support and care, the roots that make all those trees and alternatives to the system grow together.

During four days, activities and initiatives – proposed by the participants themselves – will give life to a space of meeting, public debate and confluences, to strengthen the transforming potential of alternative economies, through:

a) The exchange of experiences and visions

(b) The dialogue and the articulation of intra- and inter-movement positioning

c) The building a Global Agenda for Transformative Economies

But the WSFTE is much more than the meeting in Barcelona. The Transformative Economies are a way of understanding the world, and they imply assuming a constant deconstruction in our daily life. Besides, we think that together we are more powerful, and that is why there is a Virtual Forum that already allows you to create confluences with other people/collectives/networks etc that are working on those alternatives to the system.  Access the Virtual Forum at:

For this reason, and to continue building together the other world that already exists, we hope to be able to count on you throughout this process.

Further information about this self-managed and transformative initiative at: