The prototype of the international mobility game has arrived!


Over the last two years, we have been in the process of creating and designing a game focused on the theme of international mobility. It has been done with the Youth of Maresme International Mobility Service and the Maresme County Council’s Youth References. The idea was born from the need to bring international mobility closer to young people from the 15-year-old age of that region, making them a simulation of preparing a stay abroad and knowing the opportunities available to them.

From June 2022, three young people from Maresme (Martina, Anna, and David) joined in the collaboration on the design of the game’s prototype, who dedicated energies and ideas to the illustrative part of the game. At the end of the year, we were able to carry out a small test with the same working group, and we had the opportunity to carry out a second test at the end of January 2023 with some of the Maresme’s technical references to youth, as well as the technical reference to international mobility of the ACA youth.

During the first part of 2023, we will continue to carry out tests to collect assessments from young people who play them, so that we can get the final version by June 2023.

Some features of the game are it’s a collaboration game, it’s playing with group 5-6 people, there’s 1 map and 62 cards, the typeface used is OpenDislexy, and much more than we’ll discover. This process has been possible thanks to the 3 young people, the technical support of the Youth of Maresme International Mobility Service, youth references of the Maresme county council, the youth technician of the Vilassar de mar city council, and the economic support received from the Government of Catalonia.