Testimony of Estefanía Alonso (ESC Volunteer in Catania, Italy)


Meet the experience of Estefanía Alonso, a spanish volunteer, supported by Nexus Interculturals, that is currently doing an esc volunteer project in Catania, Italy.

Arriving at Catania, Italy, and the cultural shock:

Giardino di Scidà Headquarters:

this headquarters is a house confiscated from the mafia that has been converted into a social / cultural center, as one of the local organizations of the Arci Catania network. Ana (left of the photo) ESC volunteer from Zo Centro Cultura and I (right) are working on our new documentary project, as we would like to be able to make a micro-documentary about the people and the reality of the city (still in the concrete stages) .

Headquarters of ‘Sorcio Rosso’:

It is part of the network of ARCI Comitato Territoriale di Catania, a local / neighborhood association located in the marginal neighborhood of San Berillo (Catania, Sicily). ESC volunteers from Arci and Zo Centro de Culturee Contemporanee meet every Monday to carry out projects and organize environmental and migrant activities. In the photo we appear the 3 international ESC volunteers: Estefanía – Spain (left), Damaris – Belgium (center), Ella – United Kingdom (right), as we were recording our daily monthly video.

Asociación Zo Centro de Cultura Contemporanea

which is independent from ARCI but works closely together. In the photo are international volunteers, trainees, coordinators and bosses. This meeting was so that the volunteers from both organizations can do projects together. (I’m the one in the middle, crouched with glasses).