Sustainability and viability, pillars of Migrantour Barcelona


After a vacation where we have been able to recharge both the Nexes team and the participants, we have met again twice in the last month. In September we have taken the opportunity to hold two sessions where we have jointly addressed the feasibility study.  During the summer we worked on the document internally but we wanted to involve the future team of intercultural guides.

The first session dealt with the evolution of immigration in Barcelona during the last centuries to the present.  We reflect with figures to better contextualize it and we have fun while we work on stigmas through the theater of the oppressed.  We also have the special guest, Africa Rodríguez, a social and technical worker at CEPAIM, she explained to us the different legal, economic and social barriers that migrants in an irregular situation must face.

In the second, we focus on knowing better key concepts of social and solidarity tourism such as sustainability or tangible and intangible heritage.  The participants were able to create beautiful collages about the different heritages in Poble Sec i Raval.  We ended the session with the very useful InstaMaps tool to start thinking about the construction of the route.

Until the end of October the selection of intercultural guides is open. 

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