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Over the past three months, we’ve conducted eight training sessions for intercultural guides. These have covered topics as diverse as interculturality, racism, storytelling, and group dynamics. In these 20 hours, participants have shared, grown, and even cried in the most sensitive moments. We at Nexes would like to thank all the external speakers who came to give their presentations, the internal team and volunteers, and most of all the enormous commitment of the intercultural companions.

Last Thursday, January 27, we had a very special session where we presented the graduation diplomas to the ten participants and shared the different feelings that the training had triggered in us. It was very moving to hear testimonies that said: 

-Migrantour Barcelona is the Thursday Family.

 -In this training, I lost the fear of speaking in public.

I already feel the process of inner growth.

Now begins another fascinating phase in which we’ll approach the construction of routes in a participatory way, both with the participants and with the different collaborating institutions.

We’ll keep you updated on the whole process!