Starting PAPII project

PAP 2_1 encuentro-15

On December 18, 2020, we officially started the 2nd edition of the ParticipAcció por la Paz (PAP). We have the participation of various entities from both Besòs and Barcelona.

The online meeting held with the collaborating entities in this 2nd edition (9 entities support, so far). It was a meeting for sharing the results obtained during the 1st edition and establishing and sharing each other the bases of this second part.

In this second stage of the PAP, we want to promote education for peace from multidimension that foster positive relationships and exchange through dialogue in the neighborhood and in the city with various actors.

Then, providing tools for social dialogue and leadership of initiatives for global justice (environment, gender, economy, governance and democracy, etc.). An, encouraging young people with tools and resources to lead a local governance processes with an impact on the city of Barcelona through a multilevel governance system.

So, along January and February of 2021, we are going to initiate a personalized contact round with each of the entities that they support, as well as with other entities in order to finish adjusting and laying the foundations of the paper.

Finally, the project has a projection of 2 years and can be carried out with the financial support of the Barcelona City Council. Sooner, we will offer more information on how the project evolves!

Online Meeting