The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is an economy whose social purpose is fundamental. The organization will use its profits in the service of a cause. Its primary purpose is not for profit.
It carries out a collective project, most often for social and / or environmental purposes.
These are partnerships, not capital, which operate collectively and democratically and which favor local territory.

These organizations are distinguished today mainly by their legal form (associations, cooperatives, mutuals, foundations, …), but also by the values ​​of the SSE that they respect.

They put into practice one or more of the unifying values ​​(1) of the SSE:
People are at the heart of the economy and constitute its finality: the person and the social object take precedence over capital,
Membership of projects and structures is open and voluntary,
Management is democratic: election of leaders, one person one vote (and not one action one vote), establishment of collective decision-making bodies,
The distribution of profits is very regulated: constitution of indivisible equity, most of the surplus is non-redistributable,
Management is autonomous and independent of the public authorities, but cooperation with the public authorities is developed there,
The principles of solidarity and responsibility guide the implementation of actions.

The social and solidarity economy also assumes public service missions that the State is unable to exercise or that it exercises under conditions that are less effective and less favorable to users.

Nexes participates in many social and solidarity economy projects at local and international level:


Aimed to young people from 4 countries (Spain, France, Greece and Italy) who are starting or want to reinforce their journey in the ESS by developing their own projects.


Development of a Supportive Framework for Young Roma People Entrepreneur.
Five associations from the east and south of Europe have been coordinating to create during the next two years tools and sustainable ways to develop the social and economic activities of Roma youth.


World Social Forum of Transformative Economies

KISS Project

"KISS: the Key Is Social Sustainability" is an EU funded project aiming to contribute in promoting the sustainability of the initiatives of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) between its current actors and those young people who want to enter the sector.