Sarah’s experience in Nexes: Grow, create and trust

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During the month of December, Nexes will be promoting workshops on “gender and education”, “gender violence” and “Sexual & Ethnic Minorities” in Poble-sec and Besòs to young people between 12 and 15 years old. During the workshops, techniques such as image theater, forum theater, cafeteria, body and movement are used.

A month ago we were in Torino, at the transnational closing meeting of SSEds project. I saw for the first time in person the people with whom I had been working for the last 10 months on the project. During these 3 days of meetings, we concluded the project that has accompanied me throughout my Nexian adventure, from February until now, December 2021. The European project SSEds (Strategies to develop youth entrepreneurship and social impact in the SSE) embodies many facets from my experience with Nexes.

My adventure in Nexes has closed my academic cycle by being my internship to finish my master (Management of European and international projects at the University of Nantes). Going from university theory to the professional world has brought me many questions and doubts regarding the reality of the field of “European projects”. SSEds has been the perfect playing ground to ask and ponder those questions.

I had been studying for two years how to think and write a project, how to implement the planned activities, how to evaluate and justify. I had several classes and conferences on international cooperation and on the contemporary history of various cultural and geographical areas … The purpose of the course and of our future work being, in a general way, to carry out projects that have a positive social impact on the local national or international community and implement activities that aim to reduce inequalities and promote peace… But we had never addressed the following question: How do we know if what we do has a positive impact?

SSEds puts right at the center and questions our social impact as an organization promoting youth participation, education for peace and citizenship. What social transformation are we generating and do we want to have through our activities and our actions? With what tool? For what and for whom?

Thanks to the trust and support of SSEds and Nexes team, I got the opportunity to deepen these questions through the creation of a tool to evaluate the social impact of initiatives in the SSE. Beyond the final resultat, through this mission I discovered the importance and richness of working with people who have similar values ​​and objectives, who decide to take action following the same vision and who commit to join forces to go in the same direction and carry out a project, which was at first a common dream.

Nexes closed a stage for me but also allowed me to start a new one. It opened the window of the professional world and I am very grateful for having been able to go through these two stages in a place where I could question things again and again, where nothing is a certainty but rather something in constant motion, ready to be turned around if necessary. .

I feel grateful and light now to go on other adventures having been able to build my experience with these three keywords as a basis:

Grow, create, trust