QWERTY training: the impact of the online world in the offline daily life


How does the online world impact our offline daily life? And the mental health of the youngsters? What can we do about it? What kind of activities can we propose to reflect about these themes with them?
Between 22 and 29 of September, I participated in the training course “QWERTY: Digital Tools to Empower Youth Work”, in Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy. Our host was La Buona Terra, a local organisation that promotes ecological farms, environmental education and local tourism. From there we can have a privileged view of Trasimeno lake. Everything that you need to disconnect (or try) from the world of screens that we live in.
During the first days our professional and energetic trainers (Sarah, Morgaine, Yosannan and Anka) implemented sessions to work team building, safe spaces to exchange ideas about the questions that I mentioned above, and provide us methodologies and tools to prepare our own workshops as trainers.
The last days of the training were focused on preparing and testing these workshops about 4 themes that were mentioned during the previous sessions by the participants: rights in the digital world, mental health, media and activism.
Once again, I had the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience of non-formal education. The knowledge that I’m able to carry with me after these kinds of experiences never stops to surprise me. As well as the people that I meet and I bring in my heart. It was a pleasure to share these days with all the participants and trainers.
I would like to thank my sending organisation, Nexes Interculturals as well as Lunaria organisation, and the others involved in this project for this opportunity.