Nexes develops international projects under different European Programmes to promote mobility, culture of peace and intercultural learning. We promote and collaborate in projects related to: actions for peace and human rights, environmental protection, critical awareness, active participation of youth and intercultural dialogue.

We also offer, to institutions, corporations and other organizations, an advisory service on European Programmes and training modules and courses within the framework of non-formal education

All these projects and networks are tools for our glo-cal actions, through which Nexes implements its international and diverse actions.

Glo-local actions are carried out through:

International Mobility

Participation and glo-cal empowerment of young people, youth leaders and facilitators: group activities in Barcelona and Catalonia linked to projects of local and / or international empowerment (research, talks, tool development, documentaries, games, exhibitions, parties, concerts, etc.); international mobility activities and non-formal education of young people through volunteering projects (reception and sending), youth exchanges; professional training projects for young people and experts (reception and sending).

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Culture of peace

Awareness and training activities in Catalonia (exhibitions, talks, theme nights, etc.); international cooperation, training, and stage activities; creation of tools to promote a more fair and sustainable world; awareness raising with transformative organisations in countries all around the world and in Catalonia.

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Counselling of international mobility

Training and advice to young people and youth organisations: through collaboration with public institutions, information activities and support for young people (specialized consultancies and training workshops on international mobility, resources to study abroad, work, travel, volunteers, etc.).

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International mobility training

Formación y asesoramiento a jóvenes y equipamientos juveniles a través de la colaboración con instituciones públicas, actividades de información y apoyo a jóvenes (asesorías especializadas y talleres formativos sobre movilidad internacional, recursos para salir fuera a estudiar, trabajar, viajar, hacer voluntariados, etc.).

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