Presentation Panayiota Christou ESC

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My name is Panayiota, 22 years old and I come from Cyprus. I was chosen to participate in an ESC intercultural program of Erasmus volunteering in Nexes Interculturals, for the upcoming ten months. 

I’m also a recent graduate of Graphic Arts and Design and now I will help the Nexes team with their upcoming projects. The main occupation is the youth in a lot of different ways through multiple occasions. Furthermore, I will be helping in the sector of communication, with branding, social media, the visual and digital language as well as the newsletter and website. I’m motivated to learn from this experience, learn new ways of working in a lot of different areas that I don’t have any experience in. 

Even though it’s my first time in Barcelona my expectations are really high. Spain is a country that fascinates me and for that reason, I learned the language seven years prior to coming here. During this program, I would like to improve my level of Spanish. In addition, I’m always trying to learn more about the country, the history, the people and the culture. Also, prior to finishing this volunteering program, I want to know for sure what I want to do next.

As for my personal goals, I would like to be independent, away from my country and learn how to arrange my own schedule without help. I would also want to improve my life quality and also be motivated in being organised after this experience.