Presentation Noémia Justino

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After the emotional rollercoaster, the 2021 had been, amidst Covid-19 and some last-minute life-changing decisions, who would guess I was going to land in Barcelona at the beginning of 2022.

My name is Noémia, I am 23 years old and proudly Portuguese 🇵🇹 For the next 5 months, I will be working as a Project Management intern at Nexes Interculturals.

After two academic degrees, 5 different European homes, and million adventures later somewhere out in the world, I will join the Nexes team and work closely next to the department of Culture of Peace and International Mobility. I will be providing support in several projects such as Migrantour, TLN Mobilicat, and others… but I will also have the opportunity to take the lead and coordinate projects related to the realm of Culture of Peace. So much yet to learn, but since day one I am excited to be part of Nexes and contribute to its ultimate purpose: to promote peace education and global justice, with the aim to foster sustainable social transformation. 🌍🌱

Furthermore, I am hopeful that this experience will be enriching on so many levels. Throughout this journey, I am certain that this work experience will level up my know-how skills and prepare me for the job market out there. I also believe it will be a great opportunity to de-rust my Spanish language skills, an in-demand language, key to my international career. On a more personal note, I always try not to have great expectations and let things take their course and surprise me, however, I would have to admit that I am surrendered to Barcelona. Its people, its architecture, its unique culture… I am sure the best is yet to come.

Having that said, I am thrilled to embark on this new adventure that will allow me to learn new skills and strengthen my skillset in the world of project management.