Description of educational game

Placing ourselves in the shoes of different people allows us to reflect on the privileges and/or discriminations they face in different situations. We will need to put on our glasses to discover what they live and how they live it. The situations were chosen because they occur frequently and we are not always aware of the privileges and/or discriminations they involve.

The categories and characteristics of each profile enable to play with a wide range of social ranks and were created taking into account specific situations to discover which groups are most affected in each context. We do not intend to generate more stereotypes, but the opposite: being more aware of their existence will enable players to better face them!

Age recommended

14-years-old and above

Number of participants

3 to 6 players

Target audience

> High schools and schools
> Esplais and Scout groups
> Associations
> Cooperatives and companies
> City halls / Town halls
> Civic centres
> Casals and ateneus

A person trained in the subject and experienced in facilitating the game will come to your center. In all cases we require the presence of a properly trained person to ensure the veracity of the contents and the quality of the educational experience.

Game time

3 options:
> Workshop: Game play + Reflection (1h30)
> Training: Game play + Reflection + Conceptualization (2h30)
> Extensive training: Play + Reflection + Topic training (4h)


> Reflect on the privileges and discriminations experienced by different profiles of people in daily situations and promote behavioral changes among the players.