Podcast Game Design Unfolded – Interview with Adrià Sonet


In this interview, Adrià Sonet, trainer at the Nexes Interculturals association, talks about the process of recording podcasts for the Game On project and the importance of educational games for younger people

How did the Game On podcasts come about?
The “Game Design Unfolded” podcast is part of the European project “Game On: inclusion through Educational Game Design” that promotes the use of group game design as a learning process that encourages inclusion.

What can we hear in them?
It is a podcast that contains 10 episodes of 15 or 20 minutes each. There are 10 interviews with 10 inspiring people who have been part of group processes of game design for educational purposes.

Personally, how do you see the importance of educational games today?
It is essential to use methodologies that allow us to connect and reach more young people, to generate more meaningful learning. I believe that there is a long way to go in this regard, and with this project we intend to take another step forward in the use of educational games and their design in schools, institutes, civic centers, youth centers and education centers in the Lleure.

What do you think it is and what could be its impact on the youngest?
Connect more with them through generating learning spaces that are attractive and motivating. This, in addition to gaining in what we call soft skills, which include social skills, communication skills, creativity, empathy, group work … I think it is important to focus on these more transversal skills, I think they can help you a lot in your personal and professional growth in the future.

Indicate a podcast that young people need to listen to now and why.
Personally, it is difficult for me to choose just one, so I am going to share two jewels that I have heard and find that they are true works of art:

Mòbil, cartera, claus“, by Març Llinars. The author is a trans person and in 12 episodes he explains various aspects of his transformation process. It can be heard here: https://open.spotify.com/show/4YNdQyLziO6COknytKUdEJ

De esto no se habla“, by Isabel Cadenas Cañón (although there is a whole team behind it). It is about personal and / or collective stories that have been silenced for various reasons, and gives the protagonists a voice so that they can be told. You can listen here: https://open.spotify.com/show/2GXXx3CNGH7pOxIeH8ak7U and read more info on their website https://deesonosehabla.com/en/

What was the role of Nexes in the development of podcasts?
Nexes is the entity that leads the project and we have coordinated the recording and editing of the podcasts together with IdeaLúdica, a game design company based in Barcelona. There are 4 other entities that are part of this project, which are from Italy, Lithuania and Serbia. In addition, the University of Barcelona is also involved, specifically the area of ​​Social Work and Social Education.

In the future, will there be new podcast playlists from the Game On project? Or what is the next step?
In this project we have created this podcast with 10 episodes. We are now focusing on creating training modules to learn how to facilitate group game creation processes. They are focused on people who work with young people (teachers, free time monitors, youth workers, trainers …). Even so, we do not rule out creating other podcasts in the future if we see that it is a communication medium that is well received!

Partners: Nexes Interculturals Assonur Universitat de Barcelona BalkanIDEA Novi Sad Idealúdica. Conocimiento en juego.

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