The project aims to increase awareness and the active participation of young people from Besòs-Maresme neighborhood and Barcelona's city through a process of awareness-raising and training in global justice and human rights in order to be recognised and seized as future social transformation actors.

First part:

Training and activities about  cultural of peace, global justice and participative dialogue with young people, the comunity of Besos-Maresme and the Council of Besos-Maresme neighborhood. 

Second part:

Training and activities about governance and online & face-to-face social dialogue  between young people, Council of Besos-Maresme neighborhood and the local comunity. Thus, opening visions with other initiatives and experiences from Barcelona’s city. 


Throughout the intervention, different entities of the Besòs-Maresme neighborhood, the district of Sant Martí and the Barcelona city will collaborate to respond to the needs of the youngsters of the Besòs-Maresme neighborhood, the technical and professional people of the Council of Besòs-Maresme and Barcelona’s city.
In order to be able to make the whole process of intervention visible, there will be a documentary showing the different visions and narratives that have emerged over the 24 months of intervention and, furthermore, the process of dialogue and Community actions that emerge and become visible by the platform “Decidim Barcelona”.

50 youngsters

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10 collaborators

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1.000 participants

in social dialogue and trainings


To promote peace education from intersectional vision that eucourage positive relations and exchanges through dialogue in the neighborhood and in the city joined by different actors; and providing tools for social dialogue and leadership of global justice initiatives (environment, gender, economy, governance and democracy, etc.).
To empower young people so that they can lead local (neighborhood) governance processes with an impact on the city of Barcelona through a multilevel governance system.


Empowered young people in order to lead initiative of social transformation that will be recognised by    Besòs-Maresme neighborhood and Barcelona’s city.
Changed perceptions among social actors. The potentiality of activities that are worked inside a diverse team with a long duration vision.
Recognition of the Besòs-Maresme youth movement in different grouping formats and their visibility throughout Barcelona.

PAP edition 1 – Preceding Activities