Nexes is a non-profit organization that promotes peace education and global justice, with the aim to foster sustainable social transformation. We work locally and transnationally, especially with and for young people, to promote intercultural learning, democracy, Human Rights, boost active participation and fight against any kind of discrimination.


We believe in creating educational opportunities and empowerment paths, especially for and with young people, through individual and group experiences and tools; and thus, having an active role in their personal decisions and in the processes of social transformation. This implies offering the opportunity to acquire skills and create spaces that promote inclusion, diversity and peace. We defend the autonomy of judgment and action of individuals and groups.


We believe that all people and young people in particular, can - individually and collectively - have an active role in the proposal of new paradigms that bring social changes and in the resolution of problems and challenges in their communities. We believe that participation, dialogue and cooperation are the most effective means of social transformation.


We promote education as a fundamental tool for social transformation towards the construction of global justice, which for us implies a glo-cal community where we collectively strive to ensure equal opportunities, the fight against all types of discrimination and the affirmation of fundamental rights.


We believe that action for social transformation and global justice must be sustainable, in the different dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social, political, labor, cultural and economic. We want to develop coherent actions with this value, specifically with economic sustainability, we bet for a balanced financing to ensure the bases of an effective independence, guaranteeing the strength and coherence of our actions.


We believe in the common good, understood as a collective construction for which we are all responsible. Likewise, cooperation promotes solidarity, fair and horizontal relationships between people. We therefore think that Social and Solidarity Economy, as well as co-operativism, are engines of a more just and sustainable society.


We understand creativity as the ability to see and act beyond the established ways and mechanisms. The approaches to put it in practice can be very different, we use non-formal education with playfulness and critical thinking.