New member of Nexes! Albert Buch presentation

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Last December I joined the Nexes team. For the last few weeks I have been supporting the Game On project, funded by Erasmus+, on the use of game design for inclusion. I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (UPF-UC3M-UAM) and a Master’s Degree in Formación del Profesorado (URV), but I have never worked as a high school teacher because I do not like much the current formal education system. From a professional point of view, what I have done the most has been working in different areas of non-formal education. At the age of 18 I began to work as a camp leader. For the last five years I have worked as a youth leaders coordinator and trainer of camp leaders and directors of “lleure” (outdoors and leisure activities). For a few years I had combined work in school and summer camps with other jobs, as assistant at a magazine, a field worker or a research assistant at a think tank, but for the past couple of years that has been my main occupation.

I have combined studies and work with always doing different volunteering. After studying for a year in Québec (Canada), I became a volunteer with AFS Intercultura, the association that had facilitated my intercultural exchange abroad. For almost ten years I have been selecting and training adolescents who wanted to go abroad for a while, accompanying those young foreigners who lived in Catalonia in host families, organizing meetings and training on interculturality and emotional management,… I was also a member of the board national board of the association.

Other organizations in which I have been involved, also work for interculturality and inclusion, such as the Red Cross, student associations and cultural entities. In recent years I have invested lot of energy and time in a local environmental association, Naturalistas de Gelida, of which I am vice-president. I like learning, playing, gardening, cooking, photography, cycling, running, walking in the mountains, winter sun, observing and exploring. Think and imagine alternatives to how to live as a society, while I see that our current model couldn’t not last long. In the past I loved to travel (in fact it was something that for a time I would have used to define myself), but now I feel many contradictions when doing so.

I was born in Gelida (Alt Penedès) and I love the natural environment in which I grew up. However, I would like to live in a more rural area, surrounded by forests and mountains, probably in the Pyrenees. Apart from Catalonia and Canada, for studies and work I have also lived in Italy (where I did my Erasmus) and France (where I have spent several picking seasons in the countryside). I am very happy to become part of Nexes, with which I was lucky to start collaborating a few months ago. And also very happy to do it in a project as cool as Game On.