New European project: Migrantour Barcelona


At Nexes we are celebrating! A new European project was approved: Migrantour Barcelona is going to be a reality!

What is Migrantour?

Migrantour is a European project of social and solidarity tourism, present in more than 20 cities throughout the continent. Its main mission is to show, through intercultural walks, the richness and intercultural diversity that our cities present. Fostering new narratives about migration, revealing its most invisible face. All the guides are migrants, during the walk they connect their history and culture with the city where they live.

The project was born in 2010 in Italy by the hand of ACRA i Viaggi Solidali with the need to address the multiculturalism of European cities, empowering migrants and connecting citizens and visitors to those cities. A powerful initiative that seeks to combat hate speech and the global rise of far-right parties. Addressing migration as a global concept, present throughout the history of humanity and an axis of change in our cities.

11 years later in 2021 Migrantour continues to grow, in this new edition three old cities will participate Lisbon (Associação Renovar a Mouraria), Brussels (Alter Brussels) and Ljubljana (Slovakia) together with Copenhagen (Crossing Borders), Utrecht (Stichting Collective Nouns) and Barcelona (Nexes Interculturals), all coordinated by ACRA. The project will consist in that the old cities can train the new ones and that the guide people acquire all the necessary knowledge to be able to carry out the magic of the Migrantour tours.

Our cooperative is committed to a tourist transition centered in people, interculturality, sustainability and alternatives that put the common good before profit at the center. We have two exciting years ahead of us to plant, germinate and flourish Migrantour Barcelona.

We hope to make this path by your side!

Author: Alberto Tarragó Durán