My enriching experience in Austria


The viewpoint of the clock tower of Graz

Austria is one of those places where you have a good memory of the many experiences you have. It is true that working so many hours in one day makes it impossible to enjoy the other part of the experience, that of sightseeing and visiting things.

In my case I was lucky enough to discover the city of Klagenfurt, and other surrounding towns. What impacts the most are all the green fields there are to know.

It has been an enriching time in which I have been able to discover myself more, meet new people and live surrounded by a new culture.

I’ve generally had good experiences, but what I didn’t like so much was the schedule changes here with respect to Spain, as people get up earlier and do everything sooner.

Monastery located south of Klagenfurt

In general, Austria is a country I recommend going to, if you really like nature and everything that refers to the world of art and painting, because of the high number of museums and palaces you can find in this city.

In my case, having been to Klagenfurt, a city in the south of the country, has helped me to see a small part of what this country has to offer me.

I would recommend living this experience but obviously not being in covid time, as the restrictions in some way prevent you from living this stay as if it were normal. An example of this is the bars, which have been closed until May 19, but we have been able to enjoy them since that day.