Migrarratives: young people learn about the experiences of migrants and discover the associative fabric of the neighborhood


This second trimester has been very interesting for the 2 groups of students from IES Monserrat and IES Consell de Cent.

 After a process of research and preparation of the interviews, the students have met with migrants and associations working for their social inclusion. 

What the members of the local group Entre[terres] – who carry out the sessions throughout the year with young people – highlight is that for the students, apart from appreciating the more horizontal and closer conversation with the invited people, it has been interesting to learn about different types of entities and different ways of participating in social transformation: activism, volunteering and technical role.

On the other hand, what has had the greatest impact on young people is hearing the stories of young people like them who have suffered the violation of their rights, which allows them to empathize with them, seeing that many end up in juvenile centers or, once they turn 18, on the street. And all this only because they have had to migrate with the intention of improving their living conditions.

The empowerment that these interviews have created confirms that the ApS project continues on track and that the next step is to place everything that has been learned on the map of the neighborhood to, later on, build the Migrarrative Route. 

We would also like to thank Aimar and Fundació Putxet, Sarrià Sant Gervasi Refugi, Joves Referents, Tanquem els CIE, Bona Voluntat en Acció and Associació d’Ajuda Mútua d’Immigrants a Catalunya for their participation.

Let’s continue!