‘Migrarratives’ starts to rewrite the migration narratives

Artboard 1

This January has been the beginning of the second term and from Nexes and SCI we are eager to see the migratory narratives beginning to be dismantled in the Bessòs and Poble-sec neighborhoods.

The next few months are key  for  the development of the APS project. Participants are already writing interviews they will want to perform to the entities, which already requires deconstruction of the classical migratory narrative. To make a good interview they need to understand the reality of the interview: its social context, its closest reality and its need.

That’s why we’re defining those neighborhood entities that will bring more fruitful content. The interviewees will be divided into four thematic blocks: a públic place, a historical fact, an entity, and individuals. By the end of the term, a map with all the participating entities will be created and, yes, don’t worry, we’ll show you the whole process step by step!