Migrantour in Milano: sharing, innovating and getting together!

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From September 29th to October 3rd, the Migrantour network met in Milan, one of the cities that is part of and leads the Migrantour project.
This meeting was the moment to gather the intercultural companions of the various cities that already give the tours (Brussels, Lisbon, Milan and Ljubljana) and those that are implementing them (Denmark, Utrecht and us Barcelona).
Sharing stories, experiences, advice, good practices between intercultural companions has made the richness of this meeting. Emi, from Barcelona tells us:
“As an intercultural companion, this meeting meant laying the foundations of the project and being able to experience it firsthand. We usually prepare the stops by being on the side of those who tells, but having the possibility to be on the side of those who listen has been a real pleasure. The meeting opened the doors to the hearts and lives of spectacular migrants, full of faith, hope and love that is contagious and that makes me want to continue spreading it throughout the world. I am more and more convinced that Migrantour is about that, about giving and receiving love.”
In addition to getting together and celebrating this project, the meeting in Milan allowed us to take a closer look at another initiative that we want to carry out: a digital map of the tours given in each city. This digital map aims to publicise the project and the tours in a virtual way and create an archive of the stops of the tours. In the coming months, we will be working hard with the team to present our Migrantour Barcelona digital map before the end of this year!
Until next time!