Memòria 2019 completed


In 2019, an important work of consolidation has realized of the squad, of the activities and to give coherence and sustainability at the work of the 3 areas of ‘intervention of the entity, so much since a technical perspective like economic. Preparing the step for the transformation of the entity at cooperative without eagerness of lucre. At the area of international Mobility, have promoted opportunities of volunteering and professional practices for resident youngsters at Europa and also, for resident youngsters in Catalonia so as to improve his professional and personal competences mediated programs of public financing. Especially, we have young companion that wanted to realise a volunteering of long length at the frame of the new program of volunteering of the Cos Europeu of Solidarity, so much at Barcelona as a the foreigner.

The area of Culture of peace has viewed to grow the seeds of transformation that have seeded . They have ended some projects of long length and has prepared the terrain for a new cycle of projects so much local like international. We have reinforced the local social tissue (especially at the Dry People and at the Besòs-*Maresme) and have set up new partenariats international. We have been able to like this pose the bases to cement the 2020 the 3 strategic lines of the area: Interculturalitat, genus and inclusion; Social Economics and Solidària; Turnout and empowerment of actors of peace. Also we have continued working the methodological line of the “gamificació” as a tool of work on active turnout.

At the area of Training and Advice have continued developing our task of orientation, advice and training for young persons and resident professionals in Catalonia and at Europa true the international mobility as a resource of personal empowerment, formative and professional. Since Links have tracked realising chords of institutional collaboration with several public bodies to track advising and formant at professionals of youth of Catalonia and young persons.

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