Manon, our next EVS!


My name is Manon, I’m 25 years old and I come from France.

The fields of digital communication and graphics always fascinated me. I’m very interested by cultural filed too (music, art, theatre).

After my high school, I studied communication and multimedia.

During my studies, I’ve had the opportunity to do internship and a work-training contract. Then, I directly worked as Digital Marketing Officer for an automotive group during 2 years but I never had the opportunity to travel.

That’s why I was interested in Volunteering and ESC. This opportunity allows me to combine my desire to travel and work in the field of communication.

It allows me to do a mission in a field that interest me more too and with values that are important to me.

My aim in the future is to work in the association or cultural field. So Nexes would be a stepping stone for me to work in an area that really interests me for the future.