Library of knowledge: a space to share knowledge, personal stories and to live the diversity

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On Saturday, December 17, one of the activity of the ‘Human Rights and Migration from the perspective of Global Justice’ cycle was held at the Sarrià Center and Theater. The workshop was entitled Library of knowledge and was a space to share knowledge and personal stories and to experience diversity.

The Sarrià – Sant Gervasi District, together with the district’s group of Global Justice entities, organised various activities during the month of November and December. Talks, shows and photographic exhibitions were held, among others. The Library of knowledge was run by Nexes Interculturals with the coordination and facilitation of Sarah Moinet and Jacinto García Rebull, and the collaboration of the Fundació Putxet.

The experience consisted of four thirty-minute workshops where four young people immigrants explained their experiences to us, from their place of origin to how they currently live, going through the way they had survived (thanks to their talents). This day took place on the occasion of Human Rights Day and the
International Day for Migrants, which are celebrated respectively on December 10 and 18. Montse López, consultant and trainer of socio-educational projects and who advised this workshop, opened this Library by declaring that “we try, with these workshops, to raise awareness and open spaces for debate on the causes that generate inequalities in the world.”

The two workshops that I personally enjoyed were led by Souleye and Charles. Each of them told their story and how they got to Spain.

Twenty-four-year-old Souleye explained how his job as a seamstress had saved his life. He wanted to share that for him “sewing plays a role of survival and a lot of creativity, which makes my life fun and meaningful.” In the workshop given by Charles, the Cameroonian brought typical instruments from his country of origin and made the attendees participate, improvising a piece of music to the beat of the rhythm of his dance. By playing and dancing he fulfilled his objective: to bring African music to Spain and transmit to all his energy.

The person in charge of the Putxet Center also contributed his opinion and concluded the day defending the usefulness of this type of activities to raise awareness and educate in the diversity.

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