Let’s Migrantour together!

periples julio-36

Did you know that Barcelona is the sixth most visited city in the world according to TripAdvisor 2019 and one of the best cities in the world according to The World’s Best Cities 2018?

All these distinctions together with its intrinsic value make it the perfect target for tourism companies. But what if we decide to look at the city differently? And what if we take into account the narratives and stories of today to create a new form of tourism? A social and solidarity tourism that, through tours and walks, teaches the richness of the multicultural diversity that surrounds us.

It is a dream that we want to make come true in Nexes, and that has already started with the first meeting of our future intercultural guides!

Migrantour is coming to life in Barcelona!

On Monday June 28th, we inaugurated Migrantour with a presentation of the project to potential future guides and we did a dynamic to get to know each other better by telling each other little stories of life; stories about traditions, family, memories, country of origin, the path made up to today. Each narrative was unique, and came from various places; Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Ukraine, Romania, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Poland…

We were able to have a taste of the adventure that awaits us together to create the Migrantour routes!

Now is coming a few months of training and preparation before we can start the process of creating the tours!