Let’s have a great 2023!

Tavola disegno 9-8

We hope that during the year that is ending, life has treated you more or less well, despite the injustices that surround us.

In Nexes we cannot complain, we are creating interesting links that are already beginning to bear fruit. We have started new Culture of Peace projects; we have restarted the Mobility projects with vigour and we have started new training courses for the first time.

In short, Nexes’ activity this year has been intense and much higher than in recent years, which were affected by the pandemic.

All this gives us strength and confidence that, together with the entities and people with whom we collaborate, we can provide tools and resources to improve little by little the situations of injustice or social disavantatges that we have so close (or further away).

We hope that we can all undertake the year 2023 with strength and enthusiasm!