Labyrinth Theatre and Social Cabaret to prevent and fight gender discrimination

AGORÀ project

Description of the training

This training course is part of “Agora“, a large project that aims to develop tools and pedagogical approaches to fight young people social exclusion, and specifically gender-based discrimination, in public spaces settled in isolated areas, by promoting EU values and active citizenship.

The objectives of this training course are:
to share the existing tools and approaches the consortium members use (with a specific attention to Street Clowning and Body Movement) to promote participation and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, coming from isolated backgrounds
to make participants practically experiment, deliver, evaluate and up-scale the existing methods and tools, setting the ground for a common methodological knowledge
to start the design of a commonly agreed gender-based pedagogical perspective, to be then embraced by all the consortium members and to be afterwards applied in the street actions

Target group

Youth workers and educators who commit to be involved in the “Tools Testing through Street Actions” (February – May 2021) to test, share, deliver, evaluate and upscale the methods shared in the training course.

Nº of participants

5 participants





Beginning of 2021, still to be defined

Due to the instability of the situation all around Europe because of Covid-19, the training dates are not defined yet. The application form is open and we’ll contact you after the application deadline, when we have the confirmed dates.


* Travel, local transport, accommodation and subsistence costs are covered