Description of the educational game

Acting as entities of the Social and Solidarity Economy, the players will need to take decisions that will have certain consequences for daily organization and function of the entity. Thought to promote the knowledge of the SSE on a large scale, the game is an economic simulation in which the players will aim to achieve a final objective through managing capital, creating a company or managing their own domestic economy.

ISSE game comes in 2 possible formats:

> Online game that be played for free by pressing the button below.

> Workshop facilitated by Nexes, in which an SSE expert and experienced facilitator of the game will come to your center to run the game and make a reflection to extract learnings.

ISSE game is part of the cooperation project “Initiatives for a Social and Solidarity Economy (ICE) – Community Works



But what is Social and Solidarity Economy?

The concept of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) designates a group of enterprises organised in the form of cooperatives, mutual societies, associations or foundations, whose internal functioning and activities are based on a principle of solidarity and social utility.

These companies adopt democratic and participatory management styles. They strictly frame the use of the profits they make: individual profit is outlawed and the results are reinvested.

Age recommended

16-years-old and above

Number of participants

4 to 20 players (divided in teams)


Target audience

> High schools and schools
> Esplais and Scout groups
> Associations
> Cooperatives and companies
> City halls / Town halls
> Civic centres
> Casals and ateneus

A person trained in the subject and experienced in facilitating the game will come to your center. In all cases we require the presence of a properly trained person to ensure the veracity of the contents and the quality of the educational experience.

Game time

3 options:
> Workshop: Game play + Reflection (1h30)
> Training : Game play + Reflection + Conceptualization (2h30)
> Extensive training: Play + Reflection + Topic training (4h)


> Identify the principles of Social and Solidarity Economy and find out how to promote it through concrete actions.